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As an authorised training centre for Emerson, Control Logic are pleased to offer the opportunity for our clients to enrol in a 'STEP' certified Emerson Controller training course. Choose from either the 2-day CBS338 Controller Maintenance course ($1,695 ex) or the 3-day CBS447 Controller Programming course ($2,495 ex). Please scroll down to view the details of each course.

CBS-338 Controller Maintenance

Cost $1,695 ex

2-day course

Course Description

The Emerson Controller Maintenance - Logic Developer Controller course provides the student with the skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair faults in GE programmable logic controllers (90-30, 90-70, VersaMax, RX7i and RX3i). The class is taught using Logic Developer Controller software, which is part of the Machine Edition family of products. The focus is on interpreting existing ladder logic programs for troubleshooting purposes. Students are also taught how to use the troubleshooting tools within the software to determine where faults have occurred and how to correct them.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for anyone who will be troubleshooting Emerson control systems using Proficy Logic Developer software. It is designed for electrical technicians, electricians, and/or engineers beginning to work with Emerson Control Systems who will be tasked with modifying and maintaining Controller programs and hardware.

Are there any prerequisites?

Participants should be comfortable operating in a Microsoft Windows environment. Participants should have a basic understanding of electrical/control fundamentals.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define the function of each hardware component of Emerson Controller systems
  • Describe the Machine Edition software environment
  • Configure and establish communication to the Emerson Controller hardware
  • Configure Emerson Controller hardware using Logic Developer Controller software
  • Define the instruction set(s) for Emerson Controllers
  • Modify existing ladder logic in Emerson Controllers
  • Interpret existing ladder logic for troubleshooting purposes
  • Research hardware and software information in Infolink
  • Access and interpret controller and I/O fault tables
  • Use troubleshooting tools within Logic Developer Controller software

2020 Available Training Dates

Perth WA, Australia 25-26 May
Melbourne VIC, Australia 17-18 August
Brisbane QLD, Australia 8-9 September

CBS-447 Controller Programming

Cost $2,495 ex

3-day course

Course Description

Learn programming for PACSystems, 90/70, 90/30, and VersaMax controllers in this Machine Edition class featuring the PACSystems RX3i Controller. This class covers programming techniques and the advanced features of the PACSystems Controller using Logic Developer Controller Machine Edition software. Starting with the controller software architecture, students are taught how to effectively develop control applications using building block concepts.This course builds upon Object-Oriented concepts with PACSystems User-Defined Function Blocks (UDFBs), as well as the development of application components using Ladder Diagram (LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) programming languages.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for those who are or will be involved in the development, modification, and troubleshooting of Emerson control systems using Proficy Logic Developer software and PACSystems Controllers.

Are there any prerequisites?

Participants should be comfortable operating in a Microsoft Windows environment, and have a basic understanding of electrical/control fundamentals.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe Control System Architecture & Operational Fundamentals
  • Operate Proficy Machine Edition
  • Establish and Utilise Communications to the Controller
  • Configure a Controller and its associated hardware modules
  • Effectively use and create Controller Variables
  • Create Projects in Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), and Structured Text (ST)
  • Understand and program Arithmetic, Timer, Counter, and Move operations
  • Utilise programming guidelines for developing robust control applications
  • Use User Defined Function Blocks (UDFBs) to build structured applications
  • Effectively use the Machine Edition Tool chest as a repository for Application Building Blocks
  • Create, Monitor, and Modify running Controller applications


Perth WA, Australia 20, 21, 22 November 2019

2020 Available Training Dates

Perth WA, Australia 27-29 May
Melbourne VIC, Australia 19-22 August
Brisbane QLD, Australia 9-11 September


Cost $250 ex

1-day course


Control Logic is pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive training course covering the programming of the FP series family of PLCs from Panasonic. Some of you may also know this product range from its previous branding names of National or Nais.

The aim of the course is to familiarise you with the features and benefits of FPWIN Pro programming software and the Panasonic range of PLCs. We will cover some basic programming exercises, however it is not our aim to teach you PLC programming. As such, we would hope that all in attendance have at least some basic programming knowledge.

Each student will be provided with a FREE Panasonic FP0R PLC and a copy of the current Panasonic FPWIN Pro 7 programming software licensed for a maximum of 10000 steps. To gain the most from this training course, it is essential each student bring their own laptop.

Lunch and light refreshments will be provided.

The cost of this course is $250 (ex) per person (includes FP0R PLC). You can upgrade to a FP0H or FPX for an additional $240 ex (total $490 ex)



Topics covered
Introduction to each of the following Panasonic PLC models

  • FP0R
  • FP0 (Sigma)
  • FPX
  • FP7
  • Brief overview of the Legacy systems FP0, FP1, FP2, FP3 & FP10SH

Present the three options available for programming of the Panasonic FP Family of PLCs

  • FP Loader
  • FPWIN GR – Basic Ladder Software
  • FPWIN Pro – IEC 61131-3 compliant software package

Programming training is then presented utilising the FPWIN Pro package covering the following subject matter

  • Explanation of the IEC standard 61131 and how this impacts the programming environment, focusing on its advantages over basic ladder type software
  • IEC Data types and numbering systems
  • Global Variables, Local Variables and Tag Names
  • PLC Program Structure – accessing System Registers, Global Variables, Task List, Function Library and Program Sections (POU’s)
  • The programming environment, tools and workspace
  • PLC Memory Map and addressing structure
  • PLC Manuals and help files
  • Function libraries
  • Numerous live exercises covering topics such as programming, compiling, connecting to the PLC, downloading, monitoring and forcing of conditions.
  • Creation of User defined Functions and Function Blocks to allow the easy reuse of sections of code


  • 9am-3pm (approx.)
  • Light refreshments included

Course Conditions

There is a minimum participant requirement for the course to proceed. Full payment is required prior to course commencement. Cancellation fees of 15% will apply if less than 48 hour notice is given.


please choose the PLC you wish to purchase as part of the course price







2020 Available Training Dates

Brisbane QLD , Australia 19 May 2020
Melbourne VIC , Australia 16 June 2020
Perth WA , Australia 15 September 2020
Sydney NSW , Australia 25 August 2020