Variable Speed Drive Services

Variable Speed Drive Services

We can help with your variable speed drives!

Expertise at every stage of the value chain, Control Logic provides training, technical support and customised contracts for the service and maintenance of your Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Ensure your processes and equipment is running in the most energy and cost efficient way.

We can help in the following areas:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Onsite & workshop repair
  • Upgrading and replacement

Funding assistance

If CAPEX is an issue, then our OPEX solution may be of great assistance. This process will enable you to address the funding gap for critical infrastructure; reduce the risk of ongoing maintenance costs; reduce the facility operating costs by investing the savings back into your business; reduce your energy consumption and benefit from immediate economic and environmental benefits. Control Logic can help by coordinating a no upfront payment "Turn-key Solution" inclusive of scheduled service and maintenance arrangement for the contracted term.


Installation and commissioning

With easy installation and commissioning in mind, ABB certified engineers adjust the drive parameters to meet the precise demands of the application. All startup information with process parameters are saved, should any information need to be retreived at a later date.

Operation and maintenance

A maintenance assessment is carried out providing the foundation for developing a long-term drive maintenance and improvement plan. Be able to budget maintenance and training costs and help plan for future drive upgrades, retrofits and replacements. The adoption of a preventive maintenance schedule reduces the risk of failure and increases the lifetime of the drive lowering overall operational costs.

On-site & workshop repair

Using genuine spare parts, our onsite and workshop technicians utilise the latest diagnostic and testing practices to maximise performance while minimising production or process downtime. Service engineers can examine the cause of the problem which can also include an examination of the supply network, an analysis of the harmonic content of the supply as well as other factors. If a repair is not possible, an exchange unit (if available) is offered. Workshop repairs are performed in a dust-free, electrostatic discharged protected area. Drives are thoroughly cleaned before and tested after.

Upgrading and replacement

If your existing VSD model has become obsolete or it is uneconomical to repair, our engineers can recommend an upgrade or replacement path to prevent unnecesary plant down time. All upgrades and replacements are carried out with your application in mind and done so in a structured way. If required, Control Logic are able to dispose and remove any existing equipment.

Additional benefits

Maximise the uptime of customer processes by ensuring reliable operation and an optimum lifetime of your VSD in a predictable, safe and low-cost manner.

Higher reliability

We can help identify, improve and evaluate the status of your variable speed drive. Based on the results, we can recommend a critical reliability improvement plan.

Improved productivity

Keep your plant running with a structured preventive maintenance plan built around specific maintenance schedules and avoid plant or process stoppage.

Full support

With 24/7 technical support, we are here to help.