Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Do you pay too much for power?

Energy suppliers are changing how network tariffs are calculated. Large business customers with annual consumption greater than 100MWh but less than 4GWh will be impacted by the changes.

A customers usage and impact on the network will now be charged in kilovolt ampere (kVA), through measuring overall demand and the efficiency with which they use their electricity. A customer with a good power factor rating will pay less than those with a poor power factor rating.

What is power factor?

There are two types of power; ‘real’ and ‘reactive’.

  • Real and reactive combined is called ‘apparent’ power.
  • Power factor is the relationship between real and apparent power or kVA.
  • Sites with poor power factor will often experience higher than average energy bills due to wasted (reactive) power.

We are offering a free 1-hour Power Factor specialist appointment to see if you are an ideal candidate for Power Factor correction. To book please register your details in the form to the right.

We will show you how much money you can potentially save, as well as efficiency gains including freeing up additional capacity on your main transformer.


Benefits of installing power factor correction

In addition to saving costs by avoiding penalty charges for poor power factor, there are other additional benefits of installing power factor correction. You will notice an improvement in energy efficiency with less losses, and an increased service life through lower temperature. You will also be able to free up additional capacity and increase system load capabilities from existing equipment such as transformers, switchgear and supply cables.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Avoid penalty charges
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Increase service life
  • Additional capacity
  • Increase load capability.

The diagram shows the power factor before and after power factor correction has been applied.


Funding assistance

If CAPEX is an issue, then our OPEX solution may be of great assistance. This process will enable you to address the funding gap for critical infrastructure; reduce the risk of ongoing maintenance costs; reduce the facility operating costs by investing the savings back into your business; reduce your energy consumption and benefit from immediate economic and environmental benefits. Control Logic can help by coordinating a no upfront payment "Turn-key Solution" inclusive of scheduled service and maintenance arrangement for the contracted term.