For more than 100 years, customers who have required unsurpassed performance and durability for signal transmission have counted on the Belden brand. Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications. Belden's highly differentiated, high-performance products can be found in a variety of markets including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy and consumer electronics.

Belden's reliable products, and its design, engineering and manufacturing excellence, enable it to create end-to-end signal transmission solutions that meet the most demanding standards for data, sound, and video applications.

All Belden products are designed and manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry resulting in an incomparable reputation for worldwide reliability.

When you need industrial automation and networking systems for mission critical applications, trust the Hirschmann brand to deliver complete, secure and integrated solutions for data communication.

The Hirschmann portfolio manages virtually every communication connection requirement of your network infrastructure. Since pioneering the development of Ethernet as a common standard for industry networks, Hirschmann has continued to innovate, finding new ways to keep your operation running smoothly. With expertise earned by experience, Hirschmann products deliver high transmission speeds and unmatched reliability in even the harshest industrial settings.

Tofino Security provides practical and effective industrial network security products that are simple to implement and that do not require plant shutdowns.

Its flagship product, the Tofino Industrial Security Solution, protects industrial networks from external cyber threats and internal network incidents. it facilitates the implementation of Plug-n-Protect zones of security for equipment with commons safety requirements, as recommended in ANSI/ISA-99 standards. Tofino Security products are used by the process control, SCADA, manufacturing and automation industries.

Hirschmann IT MAMMUTHUS (MTS) series switches are high performance enterprise Ethernet switches offering a reliable, secure and powerful solution for IT/OT convergence applications in various industries. Easy to implement, intelligent and secure, Hirschmann IT Switches maximize performance, diversify applications, and reduce overall costs.

The series features advanced Layer 3 functionality to support flexible redundancy technology and comprehensive security solutions. In addition, IT networking technology is available with the option of PoE, PoE+, Stack MPLS, ERPS, Storm control and IPv6 and can be used in conjunction with Hirschmann’s existing range of industrial Ethernet switches to provide a complete end-to-end solution, which can be managed simultaneously by Industrial HiVision.

Hi-SCOM is a professional supplier and manufacturer of industrial data communication and networking products and automation systems operable in harsh environments. Offering a cost-effective solution for PoE applications with a focus on CCTV, factory automation, transportation and energy applications.

Supporting multiple, redundant ring technologies and featurering strong, rapid self-recovery capability to prevent interruptions. Providing up to 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports featuring IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) that combines up to 120/370-watt power output to full meet the growing demand of higher density, and higher power requirements of powered devices such as PTZ network cameras and multi-channel wireless LAN access points.

Tripwire is a leading provider of security, compliance and IT operations solutions for enterprises, industrial organizations, service providers and government agencies.

Industrial control systems (ICS) pose unique security challenges that can quickly drain your resources if you’re faced with time-consuming manual asset inventory and a lack of cohesion between your organization’s IT and OT strategies.

Tripwire Industrial Sentinel is a non-intrusive network monitoring and situational awareness platform that provides in-depth visibility and cyber resilience for industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA networks, providing visibility to and protection from events that threaten safety, productivity, and quality.