We’re serious about our commitments

At Control Logic, we take our reputation as a trusted business partner very seriously. We know our clients don’t look to us for technology solutions alone. They look to us to provide certainty. And we’re equally serious about our broader responsibilities – to our employees and the environment.

That’s why we implemented an ‘Integrated Management System’ – a formal system that ensures the quality of our service and processes, and which adheres to the following standards.

Quality Management Certification

From product recommendation to order processing, Control Logic is committed to providing quality service, every step of the way.

So committed, in fact, that we elected to have our processes ISO-9001 certified – a rigorous process that proves we’re uncompromising when it comes to quality management and proactive when it comes to continual improvement.

Health & Safety Management Certification

We recognise the value of a safe workplace. Not just because we’re a people-oriented business, but because we’re good human beings, too.

We’re committed to protecting our staff from illness and injuries, and that commitment is as much a part of our identity as it is a part of our success. Our OHSMS Certification is proof of that commitment, and proof that we’re operating to internationally proven standards.

Environmental Management

As business operators, we have important responsibilities. One of the most important is how we impact the environment.

It’s easy to treat it as someone else’s problem, but at Control Logic, we believe the prevention of pollution and the promotion of environmental sustainability are everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we chose to have our environmental management systems (EMS) certified.