Set up Ethernet Communications for Schmersal’s PSC1

Set up Ethernet Communications for Schmersal’s PSC1

By Aaron Bloom – Support Engineer


With Ethernet now well and truly established in the industrial control space it is often the go to for connecting to the devices as it removes the need to carry around a proprietary cable for every device. So, to help reduce the cables by one more this tech tip will walk through the basics of connecting to Schmersal’s PSC1 via ethernet using SafePLC.

To start off you confirm you have the FB1 variant of the PSC1 such as the PSC1-C-10-FB1 and the
PSC1-C-10-SDM1-FB1. The Ethernet ports on the PSC1 are FB2.1 and FB2.2 which share the same IP address.

The PSC1 defaults to Profinet but has the option of using EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT, it is also a DHCP client out of the box so this tech tip will cover connection with Profinet and then EtherNet/IP options without a DHCP server.

STEP ONE: Enable the Fieldbus

This allows the ethernet ports on the PSC1 to function



STEP TWO: Select Network type

Profinet will be selected by default and ProfiSafe can be enabled

STEP THREE: Select Device Interface

This will change the view to the connection mode view which allows control of the the connection settings and actions

STEP FOUR: Launch the IP Administrator Tool

The IP Administrator is used to control the IP address settings of the PCS1

Here I have already assigned my PC’s ethernet port an IP address. To use the tool select the correct network  and scan the network any PSC1’s that are connected will appear and ten IP details can be entered below, the permanent option will make the PSC1 retain the details between power cycles if it is not ticked the PSC1 will revert to a DHCP client.

STEP FIVE: Connect

Go to the Connection Settings and select Ethernet and enter in the IP address for the device you can then use the Connect button to connect to the PCS1 a password prompt will appear which will be needed every time you connect to the unit which is the devices serial number and cannot be changed.



To set the PSC1 to EtherNet/IP a similar procedure is followed with a few tweaks


STEP One: As Above

STEP TWO: Select Network type

Change Network type to EtherNet/IP

STEP THREE, FOUR & FIVE: Are the same as above

STEP SIX: Send Network Configuration

While connected use the Send Network Configuration button to change the PSC1 to EtherNet/IP.

STEP SEVEN: Set IP address with EtherNet/IP

To finalise the switch to EtherNet/IP you need to either power cycle the PSC1 or connect and start the PSC1  then you will be able to use the IP Administrator to set the IP in the EtherNet/IP tab. Use the Disable DHCP on selected device to permanently set IP address.


You should now be able to connect to the PSC1 as in Step Five. My next Tech Tip will walk-through sending and receiving data to the PSC1 with EtherNet/IP and Profinet.


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