Remotely program FP0H with TosiboxREMOTELY PROGRAM FP0H WITH TOSIBOX

For most PLC’s with Ethernet functionality, it is very easy to connect when you are onsite, but remote connectivity adds complexity and time delay due to packets needing to be routed over the internet and possibly to the other side of the world.

This guide will show you how to set up an FP0H for remote connectivity with a Tosibox Lock. It will assume that you have set up the Lock and FP0H to the point that you can connect to the Lock remotely and the FP0H locally through ethernet.

For more information I recommend reading the below blog posts to get you to that point.

Program your Panasonic PLC Over Ethernet

Remote Access to an Existing Network

Before remote connectivity can be established the timeouts for the ethernet connections in FPWIN Pro must be increased, this is due to the increased latency that is seen with all remote access solutions.

These can be found in PLC > System Registers > Ethernet > TCP Time Settings

How much they need to be increased depends on the speed and latency of your connection, for this reason I would suggest including a buffer so that when a connection from a slower source is used programming will still be possible. The following values will have enough of a buffer for most connections.

Next comes the communication settings in FPWIN Pro, the destination (which is the FP0H) remains the same but the Computer IP address will need to be changed as the PC is not directly connected to that network. To determine your IP address, connect to the lock with the Tosibox key software and go to View your network properties from the start menu and find an adapter with Tosibox in the description, this is the Computer IP address in FPWIN Pro.

These values can be saved in FPWIN Pro with the Add Registration button, this will add the settings to a list that allows you to switch between different sites or changing from a remote to a local network connection without having to remember all the details.

If you want to know how to set up your PLC to connect remotely via Tosibox don’t hesitate to contact Control Logic for a solution.