Program your Panasonic PLC over Ethernet


Ever tried to connect your Panasonic PLC but you’ve forgotten your USB cable? Or maybe you’re trying to connect to it remotely via a VPN? Stress less, because in this Tech Tip we’ll show you how to get online and download programs to Panasonic PLCs via Ethernet.  

Step 1: Configure the device’s IP settings
Once you have created a project, look in the Project Window and navigate to the System Registers, then to Ethernet, and double click IP Addresses to open the configuration settings.

The device will have a default configuration, but you can change the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway by changing “Automatically obtain IPv4 address” to Disable.

Step 2: Configure the communication parameters
We need to enable a system connection, which can be found just under the IP addresses from the previous step.

Enable the connection and take note of the Source port number for later.

After you have set your network adapter to an IP in the same range as the PLC’s via the control panel, open the communication parameters from the Online tab at the top of the screen and select Ethernet. You’ll need to configure both the computer’s IP settings as well as the PLC’s.

It is very important that you manually enter your PC’s IP configuration, since the “automatically acquire IP address” setting may not always work as intended. The PC’s port number should be set to 0.

Set the destination IP to the IP of the PLC. There is a little gotcha here which is the port number of the destination. It must be configured the same as the port number in the System Connection 1 from earlier.

One thing to note is that you can change the timeout settings down the bottom. This can be useful if for example, you are downloading a very big program, or downloading over a remote connection which can take a longer time to connect.

Step 3: Connect and download
Finally, make sure your ethernet cable is connected between your PC and PLC, a good connection test is whether you can ping he PLC in command prompt or not. Click Online mode in the Online tab and select yes when prompted to compile/download the PLC code.

And we’re done! Now you should be able to download to and control the PLC from any PC on the same network, which means no more pesky USB cable!