Monitor/Upload from your controller without current project

Monitor/Upload from your controller without current project

Anthony Zahra  |  Application Engineer 

There will be times when you need to connect to an Emerson Controller without the current Machine Edition program.  Fortunately, the program is downloaded to the controller in an up-loadable format with all the variables and comments.  The following procedure will step through the process of getting online to an Emerson controller without the program. 

1.     Determine the IP address of the controller

2.     Create an Empty Project of the same type as the Controller

3.     Set the IP Address in the Target's properties to the IP Address in the CPU's Ethernet Configuration

4.     Upload the Configuration and Logic from the Controller

5.     Connect to the Controller and monitor the Controller application


1.   Determine the IP address of the controller

If you know the IP address of the controller from documentation or label, you can skip to Step 2, otherwise, you can use software to determine the IP address of the controller.

The following methods rely on ARP to link an IP address to the device MAC address.  The MAC address will usually be found near the ethernet port and may be under a door.  The MAC address may look like one large number.  Below is an example from an IC695CPE350. 

This method is best if you know the approximate range of the PAC you can use an IP scanner to find the IP address of the device and then selecting the one with the matching MAC address.

The second method will be using packet “sniffing” software like Wireshark (free download).  You can use Wireshark to detect Emerson devices based on their mac address.   Emmerson MAC addresses start with 00-09-91, so you can use the filter eth.addr contains 00:09:91 to detect devices that match this format as shown below.   Since most controllers will only send an ARP packet on start-up, or when the network is first connected, this method will almost definitely require a temporary network disconnection and may even require a full controller restart depending on the controller.

With Wireshark set to capture (press the button) disconnect the controller network port and reconnect after 2 seconds.  Wireshark should capture a packet like shown below.  If no packets are captured, you likely need to power cycle the controller.  In the image below, the captured packet shows the IP address of the controller above is

2.  Create an empty project

There are many ways to create an empty project.

For versions of PME 9.8 or later, you can use the Auto Detect by IP Address method which will create the appropriate project for the PAC. Enter the IP address and press OK and skip to Step 5.

For versions of PME older than 9.8 there are 2 common methods below. 

1a Right-click in Project tab of Navigator window and select New Project

Or 1b File/New method

2. Select the controller family to match your controller and enter a Project Name.

3.   Set the IP address

In the Inspector window set the physical port to Ethernet, and the IP Address.

4.   Upload the program from the controller

After setting the IP Address you can go online to the controller by right-clicking the Target in the Navigator window and select Go Online.

Check the Hardware Configuration and Motion, Logic, Initial/Forced Values from the Upload from Controller dialog box.

Unless the target name for the created project matches name of the project in the PAC you will see the following popup.  Select Yes to confirm and continue.

5.   Connect to the controller and monitor the application

When you see the following icon on the connected target it confirms successful project upload with online/equal status.

If the above does not work you can contact one of our Application and Support Engineers to discuss some other options.

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