Industrial HiVision Licensing Guide

Industrial HiVision Licensing Guide

Adam Rickards  |  Application Engineer  

This Tech Tip aims to assist you in understanding how Hirschmann's Industrial HiVision is licensed, how the software updates work, and how to work with existing licenses.

What are nodes?

Industrial HiVision is a Network Management System which is designed to assist in both deployment and active monitoring of Industrial Networks and as such the licensing system is designed around how many devices you will be (actively) monitoring. The license system refers to these monitored devices as “nodes”.

The software package is sold in intervals suited for splitting up subnets into individually licensed areas starting with the 16 node package which is free of charge.

Industrial Nodes

How long does my software license last?

If you purchase an Industrial HiVision license (including the free 16 node variant) it is a permanent license with no expiration for the software version that is current at the time of your online registration. In this way customers who might purchase the software and not have time (or have some project delays) to commission will not miss out on a newer version if it is released in the meantime.

How do I register my software?

Once you have the software purchased you will receive your registration code in the box which needs to be registered online.

The way that the software license is used by the software is that your registration code needs to be tied with a hardware key to generate a software key. This is done in the license portal available at

Note: When you utilize the license portal you will need to create a login for the portal which is best done using a shared email address, so that it is easy to access in the future.

What is a hardware key?

To obtain your hardware key you need to install the software package on the physical (or virtual) machine you intend to run the monitoring from so that you can enter this hardware key into the licensing portal for your registration code to be turned into a software key.

Once the software is running you can find the hardware key by pressing the Help menu option on the top bar and clicking about. Once you have this open you can see the Hardware key at the bottom (per the image below).

Hardware Key

What about my software key?

The software key will be generated on the license portal once you have entered the correct information including your hardware key and registration code. You will be emailed a temporary key which lasts for 30 days and after manual intervention (allow for a few business days) you will be sent a permanent software key.

This software key will be installed in the preferences menu under the license subsection by clicking the New button and pasting the software key from the email.


If you’ve followed all the above and still having issues, please feel free to submit a ticket on the Hirschmann support portal which will be sent to our Application Engineering team to assist!


Why is some of my license red?

If the license is installed properly without issue you will see per the screenshot above (no highlighted red segment).

If your license has some red highlight, then there is an issue.

For a license to operate it needs to be current (i.e. not expired) and either be a Full license, Promotional License (i.e. free 16 node license) or an Upgrade license that has a Full License of version 4.0 or higher installed alongside it.

If the hardware key is highlighted red, then your software key needs to be regenerated by utilizing the hardware change option in the license portal.

If your key (software key) is highlighted red, then you have an expired key (see expires section) or have an upgrade license without a Full license which is valid for your hardware key.

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