How to set up DHCP using Hirschmann's BAT867

How to set up DHCP using Hirschmann's BAT867

Henry Rudman | Support Engineer

The Hirschmann BAT is a versatile wireless device which can carry out a variety of inbuilt functions. One of these functions is IP Binding when the BAT867 is operating as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) sever. DHCP is used on IP networks to automate the process of configuration for devices. Configuration can be done from the from the BAT’s Web Graphic User Interface (GUI). This can be used to increase security by keeping unwanted devices off the network and only allowing known devices to be connected.

This Tech Tip will take you through the required steps to configure your BAT867 enabling IP DHCP Binding.

1.0 Configuring DHCP

The first step is to configure the DHCP settings. To do this you will need to know:

  • The IP range you want to assign to connecting devices
  • The name server addresses

1.1 DHCP Networks

Using the main navigation menu, navigate to IPv4 -> DHCPv4 -> DHCP Networks as shown below:

IPv4 > DHCP networks

Figure 1: DHCP Setup Navigation

If you have no options or table to select from (first configuration), add a new network at the bottom of the page. This is shown below in Figure 2, we have added two networks in this instance and will use the INTRANET option listed. Once you have added a new network ensure that DHCP server is enabled. When you have enabled DHCP IPv4 network, fill out the required fields as specified. The configuration page is shown in Figure 3, this is how the page should appear when configurating DHCP for the first time.

Figure 2: IPv4 DHCP Network Home Screen

Figure 3: DHCP Configuration

1.2 Configuring IP Binding:

From the navigation menu using the HiLCOS Menu Tree on the left side of the screen navigate to the DHCP-Table from the path shown below:

HiLOS > Setup> DHCP> DHCP-Table

Figure 4: BAT867 Main Navigation Menu

Within this table you can configure a list of known devices that will be able to connect to the network.

Figure 5: DHCP Table configuration overview

You can designate the IP address and the MAC Address. This will only allow devices which have been specified within the table to connect on the BAT867, providing a secure network for known devices. No other steps are required you have completed the configuration using the Hirschmann BAT867 with IP DHCP binding.

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