How to Identify your Hirschmann Switch

How to Identify your Hirschmann Switch
This short article will cover how to identify which model and product family your Hirschmann switch belongs to so that you can obtain the correct support tools for use with your Hirschmann switch.

There are two main families of firmware available now and they are broken down into “Classic” and “HiOS” but unfortunately, they are not necessarily labeled as such on the switches themselves, so we will identify them by the product family’s relationship with the firmware type.

Here are the methods we can utilise to identify the product part number which contains information on which family it belongs to:
  1. Serial number based part number
  2. HiDiscovery/HiView
  3. Serial cable/CLI
Once we have identified the product family we can work out product family a switch belongs to we can work out which firmware series is relevant between “Classic” and “HiOS” and that will enable us to find the correct support tools and firmware for the unit.

Serial Number based discovery:

Since the first option requires no special tools we will investigate that one first. On the switch itself you should find one or two stickers with reference to the part number depending on which model you are looking at.

Below you will find an image with two areas highlighted for a common product family (OpenRail series) where we can see the part number is listed on the front on a white sticker but also the complete serial number is listed on the side of the unit in the declaration section which includes the part number.

Figure 1 RS20 example switch

The front sticker zoomed in shows that this part is an RS20 series as the series/family is below the dash in the part number section.

Figure 2 Part number on front of switch

On the side of the unit the serial number is generally listed, and this will be a 20-digit number where the first 9 digits will be specific for the product or model of your unit.

It’s possible the last 3 digits of your part number will be ‘999’ which means that it is a custom variation however the first 6 digits will still reveal the product family number.

HiDiscovery based discovery

If you have the Hirschmann HiDiscovery (or HiView) installed, you will find the process of getting the part number very easy as it is listed directly in the Product column.

HiView works much the same (using the same base protocol) and also outputs in a familiar way to HiDiscovery

Figure 3 HDiscovery example

Figure 4 HiView example

Serial cable / Command Line Interface based discovery

Without spending too much time explaining how to make a connection to the command line interface (as this will be covered in another technical tip)
Once connected you will immediately be prompted with a variety of information including the product family highlighted below in red.

Figure 5 Terminal output example

Using the Product Family to work out the Firmware Family.

Below you will find a table showing which Product Family belongs to which Firmware Family. This will allow you to understand which firmware platform your switch belongs to which has an effect on which support tools you can utilize with your switch.

Support locations

For general technical support your best first point of contact will be Control Logic ( however if you are looking for firmware updates you can find them on the Hirschmann support portal ( As for the manuals and installation guides you should refer to the Hirschmann documentation portal (