Connect Via Modbus - Part 2 - TCP/IP

Connect Via Modbus - Part 2 - TCP/IP
In our previous Tech Tip, “Connect via Modbus with Red Lion and ABB” we were able to set up the HMI to switch the drive on and off by utilising Modbus TCP/IP. We also created the user interface along with the data tags which was integrated into the control buttons that were used to turn the drive on and off.

Now to get both your devices working together, this Tech Tip will show you the final step you need to be able to control your drive by configuring your communication settings on your ABB drive.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set up your ABB ACQ580 drive for your Red Lion device.

1. Setting up the drive for Fieldbus control
As discussed in our previous tech tip the ABB FENA-21 is an adapter module which will be connected on the drive that goes between the HMI and ACQ580 communicating via Modbus TCP/IP. Once it is mechanically installed, on the control panel of the ACQ580 drive we are going to through the Parameter settings through Menu > Parameters > Complete Lists to modify a couple of settings on the drive.

  1. 50 Fieldbus adapter (FBA) Menu > Parameters > Complete Lists > 50 Fieldbus adapter (FBA). In the parameter group 50 Fieldbus adapter (FBA) change the following: 50.01 – Enabled, the communication between the drive and Fieldbus adapter module is enabled. 50.02 – Fault, select how the drive should react to a Fieldbus communication break.

  2. 51 FBA A Settings Menu > Parameters > Complete Lists > 51 FBA A Settings. In the parameter group 51 FBA A Settings change the following: 51.01 – Ethernet, displays the type of connected fieldbus adapter module. 51.02 – MB/TCP ABB C, selects the application protocol and communication profile for the network connection. 51.04 – 0 = Static IP, sets the method for configuring the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway address for the module. 51.05 – 192, IP Address 51.06 – 168, IP Address 51.07 – 2, IP Address 51.08 – 4, IP Address 51.09 – 24, sets the subnet mask to 51.27 – Configure, validates any changed Fieldbus adapter module configuration settings.
  1. 20 Start/stop/direction Menu > Parameters > Complete Lists > 20 Start/stop/direction. In the parameter group 20 Start/stop/direction change the following: 20.01 – Fieldbus A, the start and stop commands are taken from the Fieldbus adapter A.

If you have followed steps as shown above, then your ACQ580 drive should be talking to your Red Lion HMI. In summary, you have changed the settings of the Fieldbus adapter on your control panel from your drive enabling the communications between the drive and adapter. If that communication breaks, it will send a fault alarm to your drive. Also, the FBA A settings have been configured such as the protocol and IP address. That IP address was set as to be on the same network as the HMI which was, therefore your HMI is communicating via Modbus TCP/IP to the FENA-21 (Fieldbus Adapter) to your drive on the same network. Now with all your devices set, you should be able to start and stop the drive from your touch screen.

Here are the manuals which you can refer to if you need assistance in setting up your ACQ580 and your FENA-21.

ACQ580 Firmware Manual -
FENA-21 User Manual

Stay Tuned for our next Tech Tip!
Congratulations, you have now got both devices working together and you’re able to control your drive from your HMI. To take it even further, our next Tech Tip we will create a demo so you’ll be able to see live data from your drive on your HMI.