ABB ACH580 Stairwell Pressurisation Fan Guide

ABB ACH580 Stairwell Pressurisation Fan Guide

Jack Nally  |  Support Engineer

BHVAC drives such as the ACH580 are commonly used as stairwell pressurisation fans in the event of an emergency. This Tech Tip will show you the basic parameter set up for a simple application. 

The purpose of a stairwell pressurisation fan is to keep smoke out of exit routes by maintaining positive pressure. Below is a depiction of the setup.

In this example, a 0-10V pressure transducer is input into AI2, and a switch into DI6 to enter override mode. Relay 2 has been set up as a ‘Running’ relay, and relay 3 configured as a fault relay. When the drive enters fire mode, it uses PID Set 1 as its reference and will maintain a constant setpoint of the user’s choosing.

Navigate to the complete list of parameters by pressing Menu > Parameters > Complete List.

GROUP 10 (Standard DI, RO)
10.27: RO2 source
Supervision 1
10.30: RO3 source

GROUP 12 (Standard AI)
12.25: AI2 Unit Selection
12.27: AI2 min
12.28: AI2 max
12.29: AI2 Scaled at AI2 Min
12.30: AI2 Scaled at AI2 Max
Pressure Transducer Max

GROUP 20 (Start / Stop / Direction)
20.41: Start interlock 1
Not Used

GROUP 32 (Supervision)
32.05: Supervision 1 Function
32.06: Supervision 1 Action
No Action
32.07: Supervision 1 Signal
32.09: Supervision 1 Low
32.10: Supervision 1 High
32.07: Supervision 1 Signal

GROUP 40 (Process PID Set 1)
40.07: Process PID Operation Mode
40.08: Set 1 Feedback 1 Source
AI2 Scaled
40.16: Set 1 Setpoint 1 Source
Internal Setpoint
40.19: Set 1 Internal Setpoint Sel1
40.21: Set 1 Internal Setpoint 1
TBD by Commissioner
40.32: Set 1 Gain
TBD by Commissioner
40.33: Set 1 Integration Time
TBD by Commissioner
40.34: Set 1 Derivation Time
TBD by Commissioner

GROUP 70 (Override)
70.02: Override
70.03: Override activation source
70.04: Override reference source
Process PID Set 1
70.05: Override direction
70.06: Override Freq
__ Hz

The information displayed on the home screen of the keypad can be changed to show any parameter.

From the home screen press the Options key and then press the Edit Home View option. Next, select the line you want to change, press Edit, then edit the parameter. Pick the parameter you wish to display from the complete list and press Save.

home screen of the keypad

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