MDT Vault

Disaster recovery simplified

Seamlessly link your devices to backup everything!.

Powered by MDT AutoSave, Control Logic’s ‘Vault’ works seamlessly with your PLCs, CNC, workstations, drives or documents for reliable back-up and file management. Track change, reduce errors and downtime whilst increasing productivity and protecting assets!

  • Reduce downtime

    Centralised store of automation programs and documents for safe keeping

  • Restore operation

    Generate graphical comparison reports, quickly undo an incorrect change and instantly restore a previous version

  • Identify & track activity

    Decision support web dashboard provides factory-wide comparison reports, hardware revision and user history

  • Cyberthreat protection

    Detect, validate and recover from unknown or unauthorised changes

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How will ‘Vault’ benefit me?

Vault has been created for simple implementation, with MDT AutoSave software pre-installed ready to go. Every plug-and-play Vault system is pre-configured for each individual setup - plus get free priority phone support & training when it’s time to implement.


If you have made a program change you wish you hadn’t, the Vault enables the ability to undo the change and restore program data within seconds. In addition, if you lose the only copy of the device program (device failure, power loss etc), your most current copy of program logic can be automatically retrieved so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly.

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The Vault utilising MDT AutoSave provides version control, backups, historical tracking, flexible user permissions, audit trails (as an add-on), automatic change detection, and disaster recovery for PLCs, CNC, Workstations, Drives and Documents.


The Vault can validate the program running in the PLC to ensure it matches the reference program you designate. This enables you to detect and identify changes that may have been unknown or unauthorised, thereby protecting your process, people and equipment.


Gain version control for device programs in remote areas, and track changes in non-networked devices in the plant, and allow system integrators and off-site development teams to work on programs without providing direct connectivity to devices. Synchronise changes, and view a history of changes performed on each device.


View all AutoSave program change management activity in the plant including program activity, and comparisons. See success or failure of device program compare results, including custom web pages, live video feeds and more. Access from a single web interface that can run on workstations, laptops, and smart devices.


The Vault package includes self-paced online material for the AutoSave Change Management system. Training modules consist of a combination of written material, step-by-step visual instructions, and quizzes to reinforce the material. Normally valued at $500, modules include ‘Network’, ‘Field’ and ‘Advanced’ to provide a general overview of AutoSave for the general user, and advanced material for those that seek to be experts of AutoSave. Progression is tracked, and visible throughout the training course, with the option to pause and return later to finish a course. In addition, each Vault pack includes 12 months of application support, as well as up to 4 hours of setup support if needed.

*One user profile is included with each pack. Additional users can be purchased if required.

There are 3 packs available, but which one is best for you?

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All software versions are supported for each brand

■ ABB ■ Inductive Automation
■ Aveva ■ Microsoft
■ B&R ■ Omron
■ CodeSys ■ Rockwell Automation
■ Emerson ■ Schneider Electric
■ Fanuc ■ Siemens
■ GE ■ Plus more...

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